1208: Turn of the Screw: CD

Jan 28, 2009

Sophomore effort from this young SoCal band. Punk used to be one unified scene but it has fragmented and subdivided. Subgenres do not cross, so this band is only going to appeal to a certain subset. I don’t remember what the first release sounded like, but I have it filed somewhere in my music room. But going off the first listen here, the first thought that crosses my mind is the singer sounds exactly like Scott Radinsky and the band sounds like Pulley. In fact, if this CD was in the case of the new Pulley CD, I would not have questioned it. The songs are competent and well-produced. I don’t think the band needs my recommendation. By seeing the included video, the band will fit in well with the Warped Tour kids. They fit the profile of what kind of crowd a band like this attracts that bums out us jaded, old punks. Sort of jock-ish and popular kids who wear the name brands and look beautiful, not the outcasts who became punk because they wanted to show the ugliness they felt on the inside to the world on the outside. I’m being grumpy and shallow. The music here is top notch and the melody keeps me interested. More power to them.

 –don (Epitaph)