1125: Plonie Mi Serce: LP

Sep 11, 2012

First impression I had here with my limited knowledge of hardcore and straight edge music was that this bands reminded me greatly of the band Strife—metal guitar licks with heavy-handed chords when they are playing slow. Very tough sounding. Things start to get moving when they are playing at faster tempos and this is where the band shines. The band minus the vocalist is a perfect package. The vocals are an acquired taste though. They are really low and have a growled sound; sounding like something I would picture more in a black metal or grindcore band. But with multiple listens, it starts to work with the music. I have read that the band’s popularity with Poland is long-standing. Not sure of their worldwide appeal, but from what I have heard that is popular in the genre, this band, in my opinion, stands amongst them.

 –don (Pasazer)

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