10BA: Wild Mind: CD

Jul 27, 2012

Wild Mind is the sophomore effort from Melbourne, Australia’s 10BA. At first, I had a rather hard time sorting out what was going on here, but after repeated listenings it became clear that the band is either seriously unhinged or just try hard to seem that way. Musically, there are some elements of stoner metal and straight-ahead rock with a keen sense of melody, but vocalist Priesley DiMarco is who brings the crazy to this party. One part John Stabb, one part spoken word Jim Morrison, there really seems to be lot going on lyrically that would have been benefited with the inclusion of a lyric sheet. This is some pretty ambitious stuff that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. I either totally like this, or it makes my head hurt. I can’t decide which.  –Garrett Barnwell ([email protected])

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