1055 MINUTES: $7-10, 8” x 6”, 68 pgs.

Feb 02, 2015

You take a playlist of every song you remember being impactful over the course of a year. You take that journal and you illustrate six songs every page, representing a week of your life. Sounds great! Sounds like a more structured Snakepit, or a more experimental American Elf! But, wait, there’s not actual narrative to follow. It’s implied narrative, shown through emotions and content of the songs themselves. Snippets of lyrics will become inspirations for doodles, six per page. It turns out to be a little too literal for its own good, but I can’t knock them any points for trying. The drawings aren’t bad, but the content of the book gets a little repetitive by the end. An interesting experiment, I look forward to seeing what Pijpers does next. Grade: B. –Bryan Static (ampijpers.tumblr.com)