101, THE: Green Street: CD

Aug 07, 2006

Since, alphabetically, this might be the very first review, I want to mention to all bands and labels out there to please check and see if your band fits in with what is covered by this here zine before you submit it for review. Because chances are, you are going to get either me, the grumpy, jaded old guy, or Jimmy Alvarado giving it a shit review. Even worse, if the two of us don’t pick it up for months on end, the CD and inserts gets thrown away and we save the case. I’m being honest. That is how it works. So much crap comes through here that we can’t even get a dime for trade-in on some of this stuff. I’m saying this as I have to sit through another R.E.M. wannabe that not only bores me, but makes my cats irritable. There is a reason for college radio. So do yourself a favor, save some money, and don’t send this kind of stuff to the zine or to my attention. I hope my words caught your attention.

 –don (Limekiln)