This 7” is apparently the first release from Dirt Culture Records, a spinoff of Dirt Culture fanzine (of which I have never heard). Both bands are from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Man, what is going on in Arizona and New Mexico these days? All of the rockinest bands are springing up over there. Is it the desert heat? Shit, it must be. Answer Lies is fast political punk that dropped my chin to my chest. They are an amazing band. You ought to check ‘em out. Add this to your to-do list, no doubts about that! 10 Seconds to Liftoff gives off a different vibe: more of a late ‘70s English punk style. While listening to it, I couldn’t tell if the songs are just okay or so fucking good that it’s just beyond me. This 7” is one for the history books.

 –don (Dirt Culture)