0002 ODNOM #0: 7” x 8½”, $?, copied w/color cover, 44 pgs.

Sep 22, 2015

0002 Odnom is a weird and often difficult compendium, mostly by anonymous authors, of pieces regarding technology and our response/dealing with it. The writings are usually pretty academic, and the stiff layout and almost total lack of visuals doesn’t help spice things up all that much. There are admittedly some interesting ideas at work here—I enjoyed the heady, acerbic book review from the future and the piece that dissects how we view our own histories and pasts in regards to social media—but yeah, this is pretty dense shit. Definitely for people interested in the notion of technology creep, probably not for someone just looking to, you know, thumb through a zine. I thought it was cool the subject was tackled in something as “archaic” as a print zine, and while it wasn’t for me it is clear that a lot of intelligent people contributed to this. –Keith Rosson (no address listed)