Mar 10, 2023

Arbor Labor Union excel at hippie punk, or maybe it’s more like focused psychedelia (or I can just use their own term: “transcendental twang”). Yonder is in the same realm as Samson’s Born a Burnout, or more generally the cosmic/earthy Meat Puppets landscape, with some post-rock notions here and there, and vocals that fall somewhere between Will Oldham and Mayo Thompson. But it’s its own thing. I listen to this album almost every day, and it’s always “Real Beasts” that gets me—the wandering, stately guitars, the spoken lyrics near the end, the country road at dusk feeling, the light spookiness, the darkness identified. There’s loose precision throughout; they know where they’re going and how to get there. Drift, amble, mosey, saunter—these are good ways to move. –Matt Werts (Sophomore Lounge,

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