AR-KAICS, THE: Live in the Shit: CS

Mar 15, 2022

I reviewed the LP of this release on another label. And I’ve long been a fan of Ar-Kaics. This cassette doesn’t change my mind. This live set is a great cross-section of the group’s ’60s-structured blasts of catchy songwriting. The band plays Teenage Shutdown! style with extra distortion, ignoring the urge to succumb to the retro, mop top mentality. This release of a solid show came out on LP recently. The tape sounds great for your tape enthusiast. You can turn it up loud and hit the gas, presuming you’re in a car. Sometimes live recordings can be a throwaway release, but this set comes from a board tape, sounds good, and the band is on. It’s actually not a bad place to start if you haven’t heard them. Pick this up at your local record store. –Billups Allen (Primitive Screwheads,