AR-KAICS, THE: In This Time: CD

Jan 30, 2019

This band might be time travelers. They are completely nailing that ’60s, whispery, garage rock revival. Yes, it’s another garage band. But to their credit (and my limited time listening to ’60s garage rock), they truly sound like they are of that era. Even in the recording quality nothing is overly slick or reeking of studio magic; just slightly spooky, breathy rock with bright guitars. The second track, “Some People,” reminds me a lot of “Strength to Endure” by the Ramones. They use the same hook, which makes sense since The Fast Four were snatching the coattails off of this era of music and swapping it for leather jackets. Maybe that’s the closest I ever really get to psych rock and the decade of free love. Just Ramones. And I’m fine with that. There’s nothing wrong with this record, but I can’t see myself putting it on, even in the background. But I also hate The Doors. This is probably for that King Khan & BBQ Show and Ty Segall crowd with cool haircuts. –Kayla Greet (Daptone)