AR-KAICS: Live in the Shit: LP

Jul 20, 2021

This LP comes from a live recording direct from the soundboard of Richmond, Va.’s Hardywood Park. The Ar-Kaics produced loads of singles and two LPs since 2013. There is plenty of material to pull a live album from. At this show, the band not only got a solid recording, but sound in top form hitting punk harmonies and strumming hard through eight from their previous output and a new mid- paced swinger called “The Outsider.” Live, the band sounds great. The chromatically downward spiraling “Distemper” stands out. It’s a great nighttime song in the vein of “Paint It Black.” The ’60s-inspired gloom in the chorus resonates, proving to be one of the band’s songs carrying a lot of weight in the live version. It’s a great set and a solid schmear from a band with their own unique style, keeping their ’60s leanings in tow rather than leaning on them for support. –Billups Allen (Dig!)