AR-KAICS: In This Time: LP

Apr 08, 2019

You can often tell when a band formed longing for the structure and image of genre. There will always be the surf band thinking the sound is in the amps, the grind band thinking the sound in the speed, the ska band compiled of skinheads whose parents wouldn’t let them dye their hair. Richmond, Va.’s The Ar-Kaics recreate a glorious, mid-sixties cave-stomp howl without losing themselves in excessive amp hunting and lazy song writing. The band honed their overdriven jangle releasing several singles since 2014. In This Time is a thoughtful album with solid hooks and more of the ratchety guitar grinding exemplified in their early singles. The album kicks off with “Don’t Go with Him,” a song with looming minor chord play and a catchy chorus. The album moves seamlessly into “Some People” featuring a hop beat and a vocal harmony that would be at home on a classic Kinks record. The album continues in this manner: inspired by the best ’60s sensibilities while maintaining a fresh outlook with relatable choruses and bouts of overdriven mayhem. The artwork was produced by Washington D.C.’s enigmatic Mingering Mike, whose invented album covers for made-up music projects in the ’60s became the subject of a book and distinctive art career. The artwork helps the album into an orbit destined to be a classic for fans of the new old. –Billups Allen (Wick,