AQUABATS, THE: Kooky Spooky... In Stereo!: CD

Jan 26, 2021

As a card carrying member of the Aqua Cadets since 2002, I can definitively say this is not the Aquabats that I remember. Maybe that’s a great thing for current fans of the band. Though as someone who proverbially left her Aquabats CDs safe at home when I went off to college, this is a jarring switch. Of course the Bat Commander’s voice is still as theatrical as ever and instantly confirms that this is The Aquabats. The rest of it, not so much for me. My fond memories of The Aquabats are when they’re singing about cherry Chapstick and being attacked by snakes. However on Kooky Spooky there’s a song about buying the world’s best computer so they can watch Amazon all day in their pajamas. It’s made into a portmanteau and aptly called “Pajamazon!” I can only hope, and choose to believe that the song is pure satire, though I really don’t enjoy that there’s now a chorus that proudly states they’ll watch Amazon in their pajamas and never go outside again. And I mean, in quarantine that’s what many people are doing, but why do the lovable Aquabats feel they need to shout out a multi-billion dollar company? There are a few songs that sound like the band I once knew, (“Karate Body!” and “Skeleton Inside!” most notably), but they just make me want to dust off my copies of Vs. The Floating Eyeball of Death and The Fury of The Aquabats!, instead of hitting play again on this disc. I’m glad they’re still goofy, but it’s no longer enjoyable for me. –Kayla Greet (Gloopy,