APATIA: Bog, Honor, Ojczyzna—Faszysm: LP

Nov 15, 2022

Originally released in 1992 on cassette only, it’s making its vinyl debut thirty years later. There’s something about them that reminds me of early Seein’ Red, who themselves were drawing influences from late-’80s Dischord bands like Ignition before going back to their (Seein’ Red) past. Apatia mix up the tempos and play songs with a slightly more complex structure than the usual punk bands of any given moment in time. They definitely draw from the aforementioned Dischord era with pushing the envelope in punk, something that really doesn’t happen much at the moment. Despite being from 1992, this actually sounds timeless: heavy riffs that border on metal, semi acoustic interludes, and math rock breaks, along with some catchy runs. As the title suggests (translates to God, Honor, Fatherland—Fascism), Apatia are politically outspoken, bringing up the rise of fascism and the need to stop it dead in its tracks, as well as environmental, and animal rights (all of these issues are connected). –Matt Average (Nikt Nic Nie Wie, [email protected], hcpunk.pl)