¡APARATO!: Huastech 3000: CD

Mar 22, 2017

¡Aparato! makes post-punk Chicanx futurism for people who want to change the world. Blending indie electronic elements with classic influences like Son Jarocho and the Ramones, they craft beautiful songs of celebration and protest with co-ed vocals, synthesizers, jaranas, and electric guitars. These seven songs are mellower than their debut, but cover a lot of musical ground, ranging from sweet ‘90s pop R&B songs written from Chicanx punk perspective like “Arullame,” to “Machine,” a poetic song about the dreams of migrants set to fast-moving experimental electro rock, to “Crooked Smile,” which boasts New Order vibes. ¡Aparato! is growing into who they want to be and staying true to their DIY roots. It’s no surprise they’ve received critical acclaim despite their lack of label support. –Candace Hansen (Self-released, aparatomusic.com)

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