ANXIOUS: Little Green House: CD/LP

Jan 21, 2022

Prior to this ten-song album, the only content from this Connecticut band was a 7” and demo cassette. The leap to their debut LP shows Anxious expanding their sound. Whereas before they had a ’80s or ’90s emo sound, now they’ve morphed into something like Further Seems Forever (Jon Bunch era), Sense Field, and Lifetime. There are good melodies here but also chugga-chugga guitars. The latter shouldn’t be too surprising since almost every picture I’ve seen of this band shows at least one member of the five-piece sporting a T-shirt by a youth crew hardcore band. In contrast, there are a few really mellow songs unlike anything else on the album. “Wayne” is an acoustic ditty with some hooks and smooth harmonies. It’s a great song but kind of out of place amongst the other material, and especially in the middle of the album. The closer, “You When You’re Gone,” is another great song that sticks out because it sounds like it could’ve been recorded in the ’90s by The Sea And Cake or some other Chicago indie band. The lead vocals are also a guest spot by Stella Branstool who has a wonderful voice. I’m having a hard time integrating these two outliers with the rest of the album of catchy post-hardcore bangers, but I think some of that is just the sequencing. Still, songs like “In April” and “Call from You” are amazing earworms and will live in your brain for days. Little Green House is a great debut of melodic hardcore or post-hardcore or emo-core or something else that fits along those lines. –Kurt Morris (

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