ANXIETY CAT: The End of Reality As We Know It: CD

I have yet to hear another musical project that does such a disturbingly good job at capturing the swirling psycho-clusterfuck that is the times we live in. Misguided hatred fueled by misinformation propagated by misanthropic elected officials. Scapegoats against scapegoats against scapegoats in a three-legged Wall Of Death which would even puzzle the most horrendous bigots of yesteryear. Anxiety Cat is the solo project of Rob Taxpayer, and was recorded on his urban farm in New Orleans. Oscillating between sounding beautiful, and majestic, and disgusting, this is truly original music, and while it’s refreshingly different sounding, it’s also saddening to think of the chaos we have to live through to produce art like this. Honestly, it needs to be heard to be believed. Cohesive in its polar approaches of ragtag street orchestra and crushing, harsh, industrial looping. Like if Pailhead did Show Boat, or a battered, used copy of Welcome to the Monkey House being slammed against an aluminum trash can as a percussion instrument. It’s angry and confrontational, yet the aggression is rooted only in the lack of compassion our narrator has witnessed. Poignant, insightful, and brutally real. “I’d like to thank our sponsors: limitless growth… I guess there was a limit after all,” our narrator and guide shouts to the listener at the onset of the journey. Put on some headphones, press play, close your eyes, and let go. –Daryl (Self-released,