ANTISEEN: Live from Quarantine 2: LP

Nov 15, 2022

I remember going to see the Ramones on their twentieth anniversary tour when I was nineteen years old and marveling at the fact that punk had been around for so long. 2023 marks the fortieth anniversary of ANTiSEEN, with time moving quickly. One of the more distinct troupes to emerge from the hardcore era, ANTiSEEN continues to slay with their unique take on classic punk. As the pandemic progressed, it was interesting finding myself genuinely excited for live webcast events. In lieu of actual live shows, certain groups used streaming technology better than others, with ANTiSEEN’s two quarantine shows serving as prime examples. Live from Quarantine 2 aired via Facebook Live on October 25, 2020, with a Halloween theme. The LP version contains five covers and seven originals. One of the covers is of the hit Talking Heads song “Psycho Killer,” a track that shines when given the ANTiSEEN touch. In addition to a stellar performance and nifty color vinyl, this release includes a 1970s-styled brochure that pays homage to the great live albums of the past. No, I won’t shut up about ANTiSEEN, as they continue to thrive as one of the longest-running, most vital voices in punk. –Art Ettinger (TKO,