Sep 23, 2016

Although I really do like the clean, melodic sound of this band, it’s the lyrics which really provide the main point of interest for me and that continues on Engage. Whilst the focus of the songs addresses negative issues, the line, “All I ever mean to be is purely optimistic,” in “I Wrote This Song” goes some way to explaining how Antillectual sounds uplifting and positive. Musically, there are many similarities to Bad Religion, even down to the use of harmonies, but there is more than enough of the band’s own personality to avoid it being marked down as a direct clone. I’m hoping these Dutch punks can fit in another U.K. tour sometime soon. –Rich Cocksedge (Bird Attack, [email protected], / Redfield,, [email protected] / Waterslide, / Fusa,, [email protected])