ANTICITIZEN: Invasive Species//Endangered World: 7”

May 20, 2019

Okay, this is the coolest-looking 7” I’ve ever held in my little freak hands. It literally looks like glass. Apparently, this was cut in real time using a 1940s Presto 75A recording lathe, meaning it’s hand carved from polycarbonate and not done on a factory press. When I played it, first it sounded like shit but I guess it is typical of records like this and you have to fully put it on the groove. I only learned this after listening to the record a few times in bewilderment—thinking I suddenly forgot how to use a record player—and a little info sheet fell out of the package. Upon the first few listens there was literally so much static creating distance that it made me feel like I was listening on the other side of a brick wall, 40 in hand because I didn’t want to cough up the three dollars to get into the crust gig. It’s hard to get it to play consistently and clearly on my shitty punk record player but from what I can hear it rules, like a thrashier Minor Threat raised on crust. The nerd in me loves this special release. The practical reviewer is having a hard time with it. Either way, it’s conceptual and punk and nerdy and I’m into it. –Candace Hansen (