Toxic Holocaust photo by Anthony Mehlhaff

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Toxic Holocaust

Aug 15, 2020

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The picture above is of the mighty Eric Eisenhauser of the bands Toxic Holocaust  and Weresquatch. He soared like a leather-clad eagle thru the air and landed amongst his baby eagle birdies and thru up the most kawaii hand gesture in all of the lands to tell me what I already knew. I love you too, bro! This was the last show of a Municipal Waste/ Toxic Holocaust tour also featuring OFF! and Haunt. It was legendary, obviously.

Before Covid 19’s mark-ass, trick-ass, buster-ass, seeing live shows was something I religiously was devoted to. I was a choir boy in the church of metal, thrash, crossover, and punk, and I sung these holy songs as if my afterlife depended upon it. But, today, as California has seen multiple DIY venues close—including The Factory and smaller venues like The Satellite—also had to rip out their stage, shows ain’t coming back anytime soon. Oh yeah, and as of this writing (7/23/20) California is the undisputed king of deaths and cases in all of the mighty U.S. of A. As I nostalgically skim thru thousands of photos from hundreds of shows, and as I am privileged to still have a job, I drown my sorrows in endless purchases of vinyl records from bands across this immensely infected and dramatically selfish nation.

Until we get a cure for this virus, there is no way we will be able to experience the madness of being smashed up against hundreds of strangers, or flying thru the air into the arms of strangers, or screaming alongside your favorite band, exchanging body fluids with out any worry of dying in three weeks time. Basically I am saying I love and miss you all and to wear your mask, wash your hands, and social distance.

Also, with all these Burger bands being called out for being sexual predators—bands and fans, don’t fucking bring your bullshit to our shows. Don’t harass women, people of color, trans and queer people, under age or any other people. Men, speak out against and protect people being harassed and if it’s you doing the harassing, get the fuck out. Better than get the fuck out, get the fuck out and stay the fuck outta all scenes. If I ever get the privilege to throw a show ever again, I will be vigilant about making our shows a space free of scumbag, pedophilic, predators. You might be afraid to chance the pit but should never be scared to attend a show because of some POS.

(Fast forward to 11:02 to see The Squatchlord Fly)

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