Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—The Freakees

Dec 14, 2019

(click for full size)

The Famous Freakee nanner split with Dante Freakee.

Show after show I scream Slipknot lyrics and song requests at the band based solely on the fact that they start shows off in retro style Halloween masks and they never try and strangle me. That’s a pack of cool cucumbers right there. But as soon as these kids start getting funky, these cucs start to pickle and become a delicious, crisp jar of dills. What I’m trying to say is you have to see this band live to really appreciate their genius. Yes, I tried to convey that thru pickle talk. That’s my bread and butter. Ha!

Splits, rolls, and vigorous gyration are just a few of the moves that The Freakees frontman moistens your eyes with. In this “damp” (new hip word all the kids are saying) photo I caught mid-split during one of my favorite local L.A. photographer’s art and live music show. All the bands went hard out of respect for the living legend Shitshow Dave, but I’ll be so bold as to say that few can rarely match this dude’s intense, freakee fever. If ya don’t believe me, then you can just go see for your self, ya dink.

Oh course the video I share, they aren’t in masks but the intro is by Shitshow Dave so… No gyz or splits either. Go see those live!