The Dead Milkmen, The Teragram, DTLA | Photo by Anthony Mehlhaff

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—The Dead Milkmen

Jul 18, 2020

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The Dead Milkmen: Yeah, they still around. In this picture is my wife, Amy being serenaded by Rodney Linderman of The Dead Milkmen.

I’m not gonna lie. I had no fucking idea The Dead Milkmen were even still around. My wife is a super fan so very last minute I secured a photo pass plus one and headed over to The Teragram to enjoy. I honestly knew two songs but that didn’t stop my wife and me from having a fucking ball.

Since the pandemic, this is what I miss most—enjoying live music with my wife. She really knows how to party. Damn you, Coronavirus. When I snapped this photo I knew it would be a time capsule pic for my wife and every time she would see it she’d be taken back to that night. She knew all the words to all the songs. Rodney took notice and made sure to let her know he appreciated her (and not in a creep way). One day we will be back at shows, one day.


Dead Milkmen YouTube Channel

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