Skullcrack - Anthony Mehlhaff

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Skullcrack

Every show I keep my eye on Nate (above) because he will without a doubt be jumping on the bar to play a bass solo or pound the life out of a beer or some Jack Daniel’s.

Skullcrack: Not the drug that’s sweeping the nation but still very addictive. The first time I heard the band name, I imagined a drug addict crushing a skull and cooking it with baking soda to make that cookie, cookie Skullcrack.

Skullcrack has a new album they will be recording before the end of this year and if their first three albums give any clue as to what to expect, this shit is gonna be fast and brutal as fuck. From Cut It Down, to Full Blast, and finally to their latest and greatest, Turn to Dust I’m curious as to what the next one will be titled. Pulverized to Liquid Fuck, maybe? Yeah, I’d pre-order that for sure. Anyways, I sat down a few months ago with the boys and chatted with them. I had to ask where the name came from. They told me about its Magic The Gathering origins and showed me the cards. We all had a good chuckle and it gave me an insight into the humor behind the brutality of Skullcrack. This same one-two combo of humor meets gnar-gnar comes across in their live shows where they mix mild shit talking to the crowd to encourage moshing and stage diving, and beer and hard liquor chugging with piñata smashing.

The band’s ability to play music this heavy and fast but somehow not being metal buttlords is refreshing as hell. Skullcrack music demands that you join in on their choruses, and with songs like “Deep Shit” and “Blind, Deaf and Dumb,” I’ll bet ya you won’t be able to contain your joy. Maybe one day, in a few years you’ll be able to see these dudes live again. Until then, go get their albums, shirts, and patches all with their inebriated, rotting-flesh, mascot, Cracky on them. And keep your eye out for their new album being recorded this October 2020.