ANGRY ANGLES: Self-titled: LP

Sep 23, 2016

In the summer of 2009 I was working on an article about Jay Reatard for a publication that no longer exists. I never did finish the article, but I was tying together Reatard’s output, from the first Reatards release through his then-new LP, Watch Me Fall. I came across Angry Angles in my research, having missed them completely during their active days (which happened to coincide with a several year period where I didn’t buy much new music). I obtained a CD-R from a dubious source to see what was up. Said CD-R only has twelve songs, where this properly released LP has seventeen, so I’m familiar with most of the songs. Fans of Jay Reatard will already know what Angry Angles sound like, but for the unlucky few who haven’t heard them (or should I say the lucky few who are hearing them for the first time?), Angry Angles is the logical predecessor to Reatard’s solo releases, closest in sound and scope to Blood Visions. I am glad Goner made this collection official, as these songs deserve to be (and stay) in print. All the songs are great, but if I had to choose one or two to put on a mix, I’d pick “You Call It Love” or “Apparent-Transparent.” Download includes the full LP plus a fierce ten-song live set from Gonerfest 3. –Sal Lucci (Goner)