Aug 25, 2016

Proclaimed by his label Black Gladiator as the “last true savior of rock’n’roll,” Andy California, nee Andy Macbain of Tunnel Of Love and The Monsieurs, has unleashed the first recordings of a new solo project with this 7”. Fusing rock’n’roll with a bit of bluesy folk troubadour stylings, this immediately conjured vibes of late ‘80s to present-era Tom Waits. With more jangly guitar stylings and less jazz influence than Waits, California is certainly hitching a ride on a similar train and crashing in some of the same hobo camps as Waits. It’s weird, it’s dissonant, but it’s really damn catchy. If Andy California is able to craft some narrative structures and stories into his future material, he could very well achieve Waitsian levels of artistry. –Paul J. Comeau (Black Gladiator,

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