ANDY THE BAND: Carry On: 7” EP

Sep 20, 2017

Sometimes a band can be too good. Terrible Feelings were one those bands. Really proficient players, excellent songwriting and, yet, somehow they weren’t as big as they should’ve been. I thought they’d be colossal; on a Swedish major at least. Who knows why it didn’t happen, but Andy from Terrible Feelings/Satanic Surfers is on his own now, and this here record is to be in support of his upcoming tour supporting Vanna Inget in Japan. The music’s great. Not exactly far removed from Terrible Feelings, but not as “rock” as it’s self-described. It’s softer, but it still sounds like punk music to my ears. Looking forward to hearing more. Another fine releases on the always-consistent Sabotage Records. –Steve Adamyk (Sabotage,