ANANAS: Idiotically: 7”

Sep 22, 2022

Kyoto, Japan’s Ananas blast out three songs of furiously fast hardcore punk on their first 7” for PIG Records. The A side track “Enough of Excuses” has a great buildup before Karina’s vocals come in and the face melting commences. Once the band gets going, they don’t let up. I appreciated the brief punk’n’roll intro on the B side opener “Use and Abuse,” easing listeners into the song before melting face. I loved vocalist Karina’s manic banshee wails throughout the record. Her delivery had an uncanny similarity to the vocals of Luise B. from Germany’s Tangled Lines, another band I thoroughly enjoy. Even after countless repeat listens, Idiotically left me wanting more Ananas. –Paul J. Comeau (PIG)