ANALOGUE SEPPUKU, $? 5 ½” x 8½”, glossy, 10 pgs.

May 23, 2018

This is a short zine put out by Muzai Records that includes a CD of ten songs by ten various bands that are on the label. Muzai Records is a New Zealand label that is based in Leeds, England (I don’t understand how that works, either). The zine has interviews with two of the label’s bands, Dharma Dogs and Triumphs. It’s also got a rant by Austin Cunningham about the disappearing music venues in New Zealand (spoiler alert: it’s due to gentrification). I did enjoy the CD, as some of the bands (like Dharma Dogs) are recording good songs. The label puts out a wide variety of music, so even if the zine isn’t that spectacular, it’s worth checking out some of the bands on the CD. –Kurt Morris (