AN UNEASY PEACE: Self-titled: 7”

The proof of concept from a convergence of spirits that took place in Austin, Texas in 2005. Four tracks that were spearheaded by one of the West Coast punk’s shining lights: Lance Hahn. On guitar and the board, Stan Wright, who in his own right helped shape crust punk for the new century. And rounding out the band is Dave Wuttke from Drunken Boat, and Mikey Warm of the recently disbanded Observers. The first track could fit in on any J Church album and no one would think anything of it, but the remaining three are definitely a change of pace. Down stroke riffage with menacing, crescendoing verses that erupt into circle pit, fist-pumping choruses. Hardcore punk by punks who aren’t bogged down by the confines of predetermined genre limiters. There’s a certain personality to it that instantly reminded me of Mea Culpa’s They Put You in a Gas Mask LP, which came out around the same time. And the more I listened to this 7”, the more bummed I got that it wasn’t an active band with an extensive catalog. Truly spellbinding conviction from believers of the form unleashing holy hell and having a good time doing it. –Daryl (Dirt Cult)