AMMO: Web of Lies/Death Won’t Even Satisfy: LP

Mar 15, 2022

I’m going to call it now and say that this will be the best album of 2022. This is incendiary hardcore—fast as fuck and equally deranged in its relentless delivery. PJ Russo of Night Birds is on vocals and he rarely lets up with his snarling and spitting approach. Musically, it’s fast and tight with slightly fuzzy sounds, falling short of lo-fi but allowing for a pulverizing cacophony. Now that’s out of the way, I will wait for AMMO to produce shirts saying “Why Use a Hammer to Crack a Nut When You Can Use a Wrecking Ball to Obliterate It?” Short on subtlety, big on attitude, high on results. –Rich Cocksedge (Wallride,