There are many bands playing melodic punk/hardcore these days and to come out anywhere near the top of that bunch, there must be more than just good songs to hold onto. Fortunately, American Television gives me some of the additional things I need to make me want more. There are snapping drums, a strong guitar sound, and a sense that this band is giving its all on the recording. I know that latter element is difficult to actually quantify—and it’s usually a sense gained from seeing a band live—but I certainly get something coming through the speakers which feels heartfelt and complete. To top it off, there is an abundance of energy from start to finish too. Finally, there’s a line in “Misprint” which might come across as a bit cheesy but I found it a welcome nod towards a man who has opened the minds of many: “I found a new religion, Greg Graffin was my priest.” It’s so often Joe Strummer who gets mentioned in songs, so it’s nice to see Graffin get his due for inspiring people. –Rich Cocksedge (Wiretap, [email protected],