AMERICAN EAGLE: Land of the Free Home of the Brave: 7” EP

Sep 23, 2016

Unreleased NYC oi from 1989. One song is about how “national pride is in,” another is about how they like to drink beer, “shouting oh so loud...Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!” (I must admit, it’s quite a twist to shout it four times instead of three), and the other is an a cappella cadence call, which I think I liked a little better when Madness did it and it was called “Chipmunks Are Go!” I’m not really into national pride, but I do like beer and cadence calls. If you think about it, an all a cappella oi record would probably be pretty cool. Someone should get on that. Sometimes inspiration strikes in the shape of a size ten boot! BEST SONG: “Call to Arms.” BEST SONG TITLE: I’m kind of “meh” on the song titles, frankly. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: On beer-colored vinyl, for a strong America! ­–Rev. Nørb (United Riot,