ALUMINUM KNOT EYE: Self-titled: 7”

Dec 06, 2019

This band is certainly from Weirdoland and I like that about them.  I don’t know what the fuck their name is about, besides seemingly being just three words selected at random. The record’s cover is a mournful looking mannequin with its limbs scattered around the room, as well as some creepy cutout pictures of robotic women—all in black and white. On the record, we get two tracks and one is a cover that I’ve never heard of called “Pantherman,” by Frank Klunhaar. I looked it up online to compare, and I think they did a great job preserving the wildness factor of the song. The A Side is an original called “Neutered and Declawed” and it is full of screams, screeches, and squeals. The root note of the melody just trudges along till the bridge when both the vocals and guitars start to growl. This band feels sloppy and out of control in a way that seems dangerous. I bet their live shows are rad as hell. –Kayla Greet (Dirty Hippy Barn)