ALTERNATIVE INCITE ISSUE 1, Spring 2020, $?, 7” x 8½”, copied, 40 pgs.

This is the first issue of what seems to be a pretty radical zine out of Laurel, Md. It touches on politics, music, creative process, and a love of dictionaries. The author, self-identified as Joe3, is an avid dictionary collector (over two hundred!), which comes into play when giving a eulogy for Madeline Kripke who amassed over 20,000 dictionaries, as well as the zine’s fake letters to the editor about etymology. Also included is an in-depth interview with the violinist of a metal band (Suvo Sur), a Gen Xer’s thoughts on a rapidly changing world, responses to news articles that piqued their interest, and dissection of what it means to be living in a “new normal.” I thought the writing was very insightful and well crafted, without becoming overly academic. The few typos I came across helped add to the homemade charm. Lots of interesting reads in here, though my favorite was “Incited by Radio: Living Vicariously in the Digital Age” all about the allure of YouTube and what makes people get sucked into watching it, rather than doing and making things for themselves. I also quite enjoyed their breakdown of how and why The Matrix trilogy is so important to the trans community, which gave me way more respect and intrigue about a series I always chalked up to be a kinda cheesy mainstream action movie. –Kayla Greet (Butter Lamb, PO Box 3067 Laurel, MD 20709,