ALTERNATIVE INCITE #5, $4, 7” x 8½”, copied, 40 pgs.

May 24, 2022

After some initial “ranting and raving” from the desk of its creator, Joe3, plus “some additional thoughts on typewriters,” Alternative Incite #5 boldly launches into pages of frank commentary on mainstream media news articles on topics as wide ranging as time management, dying careers (including librarian, which is news to me as a librarian), and robot umpires. This commentary is followed, in sharp succession, by an interview with humor novelist and musician Fred Wright, zine reviews (including one of an issue of Razorcake), and letters to the editor (aka Joe3). This forty-page, black-and-white issue of Alternative Incite concludes with the article “Parting Shot: New Zealand Wizard Creates Existential Universe, Loses Job,” which reveals that New Zealand indeed had an official wizard, and yes, he was fired from the post. Alternative Incite is a grab bag of eclectic writing that is sure to excite. –Gina Murrell (Joe3, PO Box 3067, Laurel, MD 20709)