ALTERNATIVE INCITE #3, $4, 7” x 8½”, printed, 40 pgs.

An anthology zine that encourages its readers to “follow the creative impulse.” Included are essays from different contributors relating to the topic that we all cannot seem to avoid: the pandemic. I found it interesting that one of the first writings takes on the push in our society to always be productive and to have a purpose, and how that can be suffocating and overwhelming (especially during this part of history we’re all living through). How maybe we should all give ourselves a break, allow ourselves to be idle, and that’s okay. The very next essay however, is a writer telling the reader to “Just do it,” in regards to making art and creating. A pretty distinct shift of tone from the previous essay (reading the words, “Just get to work—now.” felt extremely off-putting). Luckily, the later part of the zine grabbed my interest back with an interview of a designer of fonts and a story about a man who rowed a bathtub across the English Channel. –Tricia Ramos (Alternative Incite, PO Box 3067, Laurel, MD 20709,