ALTAR TO ALTER, AN #1, free, 8½” x 5½”, full-color printed, 28 pgs.

Accompanying a pop-up collab between the Portland Art Museum and Portland, Ore.-based BIPOC artists’ group Portland in Color, An Altar to Alter: A Transcendental Experience in Black Feminine Art and Healing is a full-color comp zine focusing on Black femme identity and creativity. Edited by Tiara Darnell, designed by Melodee Dudley, and with stunning photographs by Intisar Abioto, An Altar to Alter features artists’ bios, poetry, and illustrations that collectively span a range of Black femme experiences. From multimedia ideologist/healer Ni Saara Abioto to graphic designer/musician/artist Tazha the Diviner, this zine vividly explores what it means to be Black, femme, and creative in a very white city (Portland), a city where I lived and, despite loving it, where I keenly felt like an interloper because of my Blackness and the area’s history. In the zine’s intro, the collab’s creative director and curator, Jagger Blaec, says, “I consistently recognize that the art of Black femmes is routinely overlooked… It is my hope that everyone in this project will be truly seen.” I see them, and readers of this zine will, too. –Gina Murrell (IG: Jaeger Blaec at @basic.blaec.girl, Tiara Darnell at @theartspj)