ALPHA HOPPER: Last Chance Power Drive: LP

Jan 18, 2017

I once saw Alpha Hopper live in the living room of an apartment towards the end of summer. I remember a bunch of dudes playing weird psych and Irene from Hot Tip in the middle of the room jumping up and down and spinning and yelling for probably twenty minutes straight. Last Chance Power Drive is so intense I thought about turning it off but then I didn’t, and then I thought, “This is like if Priests weren’t a surf band and became an out-of-control, heavy spaz thing.” Or like, I don’t know, Lydia Lunch telling Queens Of The Stone Age what to do. The title’s Springsteen reference is misleading, though, in a way, Alpha Hopper are in the tradition of American song commentary/reportage. It’s just they’re also aliens, possibly. ­–Matt Werts (One Percent Press, / Radical Empathy)