ALPHA HOPPER: Alpha Hex Index: LP

Jan 26, 2021

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: weird shit happens in Buffalo. Kinds of hardcore that have long since become history in other locales are alive and well, there’s a sneering sarcasm that edges alongside the grimy riffs and syncopated drums. It doesn’t quite live up to 2016’s Last Chance Power Drive, but I’m not convinced that anything would ever do that. The sub-minute-long electronic sequencer interludes that are there do something, especially as the lead in to “Spiral,” one of the best tracks on the record. I do feel like if it was a little more urgent and tight, it would rise to the level of Submission Hold but that’s really the highest rank and I’ve yet to believe anyone has reached it. That’s a compliment by the way; this record is good. –Theresa W. (Swimming Faith)