ALMEIDA, LÊ: Todas as Brisas: LP

Aug 16, 2017

This is probably the best thing I have heard in months, if not longer. These Brazilians have a really good lo-fi DIY psych pop thing happening. Starts off sounding like a lazy version of something that coulda been on Slanted and Enchanted or a Sarah Records 7”, without the sappiness but with some good headiness. That sound carries on and holds up throughout the LP. The vocals have a great ethereal airiness to them, and the lyrics are in Portuguese, which adds a little to the wraithlike quality of the vocals (at least to a monolingual like myself). The lyrics are printed in Portuguese and English on the lyric sheet, but I couldn’t be drawn away from listening to this one. –Vincent (IFB / Transfusão Noise,