ALLDEEPENDS: Throwing a Pit to Nothing: LP/CD

Sep 22, 2022

I’d imagine that if someone wants to start a band that brought together Rancid, Minutemen, and Star Fucking Hipsters, then this could well be the result. I liked the single the band released a little while ago but the album moves things on in terms of what the band can do. Being predominantly banjo-led, there is a rambunctious bluegrass/country feel to the music but with vocals being spat out, it’s quite clear that punk rock is at the heart of this band. I like this more each time I play it and I find it highly invigorating yet equally relaxing at the same time. There’s no real departure from what the band does across the album, but I have no problem with that at all. Good stuff. –Rich Cocksedge (Make-That-A-Take, [email protected],

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