ALIEN NOSEJOB: Stained Glass: LP

Mar 10, 2023

This is strange. Musically, it’s very much AC/DC. The big difference is the vocalist is not a growler, and they don’t go full-tilt hard rock like their legendary fellow countrymen did. I haven’t kept up with the previous Alien Nosejob records, other than the songs I’ve heard on college radio stations, which are pretty good. I know this cat is from Ausmuteants, so there’s some of that in here, but this is still very much AC/DC musically. Hell, “R’n’R Rubbish Bin” is a punked-up response to “Let There Be Rock” musically and lyrically. However, they step away from that and do their own thing at the end with “Sharp as a Needle,” and “Mouldy Dough” (which cribs from Redd Kross’s “Notes and Chords” in the lyrics). Pretty solid album overall. It’s one that’s interesting and holds your attention because of the contrasting mix of influences and how it plays out and morphs over the span of two sides. The hype is worthy. –Matt Average (Total Punk, [email protected],

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