ALICJA-POP: Rats (Home Recordings 2009-2013): LP

Aug 25, 2016

This is another synth project of Lost Sounds’ Alicja Trout. I haven’t been following her career at all, but this is as good an introduction as any. At its most rambunctious, it’s sweet and hook-heavy garage punk; sparkling pop melodies over lo-fi programming. But many of these tracks are more subdued—pleasant synth pop with enough post-punk grit to keep it from falling into that mind-numbing twee hole that so often swallows bedroom recordings. Not that I’m coming into this with any kind of personal bias. The songs and performances are fully formed, “home recording” or not, and Alicja’s buoyant songwriting really drives this. This is party music for a very chill grown-up party. I can get behind that. –Indiana Laub (Certified PR, [email protected],