ALICE BAG: Sister Dynamite: CD

On her third solo album, Alice goes all in on distorted guitars, big choruses, and punk anthems celebrating not fitting into the myriad pigeonholes mainstream, white-straight-male society tries to force us all to fit: “Stay out there and look for your candy house/ your ever-sweet smiling spouse/ but that’s not me;” she sings on “Breadcrumbs,” and “You think you’re superior and you wish I’d fall in line/ but you’re disconnected, your reality’s not mine/ I don’t have your luck,” on “Lucky.” She also goes to work actively subverting the too-often monochromatic punk sonic template, employing contrapuntal, multi-part backing vocals; trumpets; keyboards, and drawing from decades of outside sonic explorations while still keeping her feet firmly planted within its parameters. The results are twelve songs laser-focused on intent, diverse in delivery, and gloriously incendiary to both mainstream culture and a punk counterculture that too often mirrors it. Crucial, crucial listening on so many levels. –Jimmy Alvarado (In The Red)