ALICE BAG: Blueprint: LP

Jul 25, 2018

Alice returns with her second solo album and again knocks it outta the park. Here she and her cohorts deliver pointed, topical lyrics via a potent potpourri of pop, garage, funky soul, ballad, and, yes, punk. The rage that made Bags live performances so electric is still very much in evidence, precision-wielded with a focus that drops with contempt for ageist critics one minute and howls with righteous fury at the assorted indignities and injustices still meted upon marginalized communities. Much deeper than monotone rage-fest, threaded throughout are veins of effervescence, humor, and heartache amid buzzing guitars, buoyant horns, pianos, violins and slinky, pulsing rhythm sections. My personal Pick-to-Click is “Invisible,” a gorgeous tune that tackles the somber subject of alcoholism with an avalanche of ‘60s-steeped hooks and pop savvy. No “sophomore slump” here, kids, just good rockin’. –Jimmy Alvarado (Don Giovanni,