AJJ: Good Luck Everybody: CD

To be perfectly honest, I stopped paying attention to AJJ in 2007. Even when Shellshag opened for them last year, I left before AJJ played. Their lyrics are always really insightful and smart; I just am not easily grabbed by acoustic acts. This latest release strays away from the folk punk label so often thrust on any unplugged band. Instead, their songs are garagey and poppy. With all that in mind, I enjoyed this record and was happy to revisit this band. In particular, the track “Body Terror Song” is a standout. It deals with body image issues in a poppy and haunting sound. And look, AJJ is not just acoustic guitars and an incredibly distinct vocalist, Sean Bonnette. A litany of great musicians like Jeff Rosenstock, Kimya Dawson, and Laura Stevenson appear on this album as well, playing piano, keys, and xylophone amongst other instruments. I’ve been won over by this catchy record about how terrible the world can be. –Kayla Greet (Specialist Subject)