There are two ways to hold a one-on-one conversation in a crowded room. You can either shout above the chaos and confusion, add to the malaise, or you can choose to talk quietly and force your partner to lean in and listen with intent. This experiment in brevity, the third in a split series with Ah Fuck and Rush Awesome, successfully makes both cases. Beginning with Ah Fuck, scene one is nine seconds of crossover thrash, followed immediately by a minute-plus of industrial automation, and finally twenty-some-odd seconds that ask you to lean in and hear a quiet voice in the civilization that replaced the wild. The Rush Awesome side of the cassette offers a counterpoint: one short meditative phrase that won’t allow you to shy away from the truth. Rewind. Flip sides. Walk over the coals and cool your feet in the river again. Repeat and repeat and repeat until death. You suffer? Ah fuck. –Jon Mule (Self-released)