AH FUCK: Run into the Night: Volume 1: 7”

Jul 20, 2021

I have a friend who knows and enjoys way too many modern metal categories. He was in a sludge and a doom metal band at the same time. Presumably, these people could not all get together and agree on one sound for the sake of my understanding. In an ideal world, I prefer not to categorize, but I’ll use the term sludge here just to give a little context. Fudge also works a bit. Side one is a slow power chord instrumental with sparse drumming and long chords and feedback ringing out. It’s a nicely managed soundscape. “Just Be Simple” utilizes long-ringing chords with nice vocals that surprise you. It’s an obvious comparison, but it resembles a great left turn The Melvins or Joe Preston as The Thrones might make. If you’re into slow metal or creative cacophony, check it out. It’s a great single. It’s also a free download on Bandcamp, so what do you have to lose? –Billups Allen (Self-released, ahfuck.bandcamp.com)