AGRAVIO: Que Futuro de la Verga: 7” EP

Sep 22, 2022

Raw and loose hardcore punk out of Mexico. First couple of listens, I was wondering what the hell was up, like why don’t they just open up full throttle? But then I came to appreciate that Agravio are doing something a little different and instead have a bit more going on with their songs—though still very basic hardcore, they’re not like the majority of today’s hardcore bands that just come out white hot from start to stop. Going their route allows them to make songs that are more memorable, and, overall, interesting. “Dinero Mal Habibo” is the standout track, with how it switches back and forth from mid-tempo to short faster parts, and a catchy chorus. Apparently there’s more to come. Looking forward to it. –Matt Average (SPHC,

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